Topo - 16kg Glück

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  • Krystallynn on 2016-Aug-27 23:33:10 Krystallynn said

    Kettle 46T2;th17as exactly what will happen if the Fed’s and Washington don’t interfere.And we all know they will. My monrey is that Ben and Co will continue to print securities and exchange them through the window for treasuries which it will print.Print treasuries until our AAA ratings goes through the window and then dollars from all over the world hit the FX and whalla hyper inflation.Ben, a student of the Great sdepression will not allow for the credits markets to stop at any cost.Just look at how he’s been handling things so far. Print, Print, Print.
  • Jalen on 2016-Sep-01 17:25:30 Jalen said

    I love reading these articles because they're short but inaoemftivr.

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