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  • Destry am 2016-Aug-27 23:27:05 schrieb Destry:

    I’ve noted my reasons for Obama’s b022ump⁙ elsewhere. If he tracks to the middle & the economy improves measurably & no other significant events trip him up He Is Likely to Get Re-Elected.The reason he’s moved towards the center is the most recent butt whipping he took (see Election 2010).He’s even started to reassemble some retreads from the Clinton administration and brought in a business friendly chief of staff.It would be helpful if people started reading the papers and not just the polls.
  • Verle am 2016-Sep-01 17:31:58 schrieb Verle:

    Now I feel studpi. That's cleared it up for me
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  • Billysut am 2017-Jun-13 23:37:01 schrieb Billysut:

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